Sensitivity Management

Preventive Dental utilizes a liquid enamel formula, which contains nano hydroxyapatite, to manage tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is created when fluid inside the tooth moves within a tube structure, pulling or pushing on the nerve. The nano hydroxyapatite is so small it can fill up that tube bonding to the dentine, like putting sand in a straw, preventing fluid movement and reducing or eliminating tooth sensitivity. In addition to reducing sensitivity other added benefits include repair of the enamel by replacing the calcium deficient areas in the enamel, similar to repairing pot holes in a road, providing healthier repaired enamel. This repaired enamel is also now whiter and glossier, by being repaired and smoother it allows the light to reflect off the enamel, rather than being absorbed, making teeth whiter and glossier. We do all of this with a fluoride free formula. Products include our daily use Toothpaste, to replace your current toothpaste, along with our professional level nHAp Repairing Serum Sponges, used by dental professionals to manage sensitivity in the dental office and boost the enamel repair.

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