nHAp Repairing Serum


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  • Prevdent’s professional strength application system, designed to apply the highest concentration of nano hydroxyapatite to your teeth.
  • Usually used by your hygienist to manage tooth sensitivity and remineralize, repair and protect your  enamel, now available in a 5 pack and 10 pack for home use.
  • When used for tooth sensitivity, should be used in combination with Prevdent’s nHAp toothpaste.

The nHAp Repairing Serum, found in the sponges, serves as an effective alternative to fluoride. The nano particles in the nHAp Repairing Serum are small enough to penetrate dental tubules and seals them against future damage. The nHAp Repairing Serum helps rebuild enamel and detin leaving patients with stronger, healthier and less sensitive teeth.

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