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Shop - Preventive Dental USA
  • DeSenSident


    • Fluoride free system, designed for the more severe to moderate cases of sensitivity, contains 4 professional strength repairing serum sponges, to be used weekly, and one 30 ml tooth serum, to replace your regular toothpaste and used daily.
    • One month treatment, should then maintain protection with Prevdent’s nHAp fluoride free toothpaste.
    • Also excellent for Orthodontic patients to reduce white spot lesions or as a pre-treatment prior to teeth whitening procedures to manage the sensitivity associated with whitening teeth.



  • nHAp Toothpaste

    • 80 ml fluoride free toothpaste, to be used as your daily toothpaste.
    • Sodium Laurel Sulfate free.
    • Repairs and protects enamel, whitens teeth and manages tooth sensitivity with a bio-compatible nano hydroxyapatite formula.



  • Alcohol Free Mouthwash with Xylitol

    • Mint flavored alcohol free mouthwash with xylitol for additional protection against tooth decay.
    • Designed to enhance the repairing ability of the nano hydroxyapatite toothpaste and tooth serum.

    PrevDent Daily Mouthwash provides additional protection against tooth decay thanks to ingredients such as Xylitol and Glycerine. PrevDent mouthwash contains no alcohol.

  • Scrapy

    • The scrapy is specially designed with a wide and thin scraper, 4 total options.
    • Improves hygiene and breath by removing the nasty coating from the tongue.

    The Scrapy removes effectively the coating on the tongue. The design of the Scrapy is revolutionary, with both a wide and narrow spoon.


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